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How Do You Approach Solving Problems With Animations?
We all have our way of solving problems; when you hit one in your animation projects, what's your standard method for reaching a solution?

Webtoons on Humor @ About.com
Humor.About.com has a great listing of funny animated web cartoons.

What's New in Adobe Flash CS5?
With the release of Adobe Flash CS5, some are wondering what the difference is between CS4 and CS5.

Why the Apple iPad Is / Isn't for Animators
Can you think of other reasons why the Apple iPad isn't suited for animation? Or do you have a compelling argument for why the iPad is in fact a good tool for animators?

How Do You Plan to Use the IPad?
Do you think you can use the IPad to help in computer animation? How?

How Will You Use the iPad?
An Animation@aboutguide.com poll showed that a full third of readers intend to use the iPad for animation. The question is...how?

2010 New Years' Resolutions
Share your animation-related New Year's resolutions for 2010.

2010 New Years' Resolutions for Animators
Resolutions are promises we try to keep and often forget; I have four resolutions I'm determined to remember this year. Check out mine, and share yours.

DVD Review: NFB's Animation Express
Animation Express, a two-disc compilation of animations selected and presented by the National Film Board of Canada, presents a vivid and diverse tapestry of Canadian artistry, humor, sentiment, history, even nationalism.

Do you think Microsoft Silverlight is a Flash Killer?
With the release of Silverlight 3.0, many are speculating that Microsoft is angling to beat out Adobe Flash, Flex, and Air as a rich content delivery platform. But can Silverlight really beat out Flash?

Is Microsoft Silverlight a Flash Killer?
Microsoft Silverlight 3.0 takes a huge leap ahead - but is it enough to overtake Adobe?

How to Choose an Animation Software Package
Considering how expensive animation software can be and the difficulty of returning software to many retailers, picking the wrong animation software for your needs can be a costly mistake. What questions should you ask yourself when selecting an animation software package?

What's Your Worst Flash Horror Story?
What's your worst experience with Flash? Now's your chance to tell your horror stories about crashed files, incompatible versions, system errors, and the absolute worst problems that have plagued you while using our favorite program.

What's Your Worst Flash Horror Story?
What's your worst experience with Flash? Now's your chance to tell your horror stories about crashed files, incompatible versions, system errors, and the absolute worst problems that have plagued you while using our favorite program.

The 5 Most Popular Articles on This Site
While I may have my own favorite sections on the site...what are yours? Our stats show just which pages people are visiting most, and why.

2009 Animators' New Year's Resolutions
Did you accomplish your 2008 resolutions? If not, then here's your chance to try again in 2009. Set your goals, take aim, and shoot for the sky.

Voice Acting for Animation
We know how animators make characters move - but how do they make them talk?

How is the United States economic situation affecting the animation industry?
With so many industries suffering in the current economic situation, how will animators fare?

Why Do I Need an Animation Website?
Think you don't need a website just because you're an animator? Think again. A website can be a valuable tool in your animation career, and in presenting your portfolio to a wider audience.

2008 Animators' New Year's Resolutions
Did you accomplish your 2007 resolutions? If not, then here's your chance to try again in 2008. Set your goals, take aim, and shoot for the sky.

A Parent’s Guide to Key Words in Japanese Import Media
Do you know what your kids are talking about when they tell their friends that they just bought a yaoi manga? What about the new anime you just brought home at your child's request, with "hentai" splashed across the cover; do you know what those words signify about the content inside the cover? If not, this primer should help you translate the various genres of Japanese import media to determine just what is and isn't appropriate for your children.

2007 New Year's Resolutions for Animators
What will you resolve to accomplish in the year 2007? As the new year dawns, the options are limitless, and you're bound only by your capability and your resolve. I'm notorious for breaking my new year's resolutions, but this year I'm going to try especially hard. Who's with me?

Quiz: What Type of Animation Do You Prefer?
Do you like dark, twisted animations or bright and sunny things that you can watch without worrying about your kids? Maybe you like vivid tales of adventure - or you'd prefer something with a spicier flavor. Take this fun little ten-question quiz to determine your animation personality. (Available with results code to post to your blog/journal/website/forum.)

Are You Protected by Copyright?
Are your animations protected by copyright? Do you know, or have you never thought about protecting your work? Take a look at this article to find out what rights are guaranteed to you by U.S. copyright law, how to obtain proof of those rights, and how to further protect them.

From Gouache to Gadgets: Shopping For the Animator on Your Holiday Gift List
If your'e thinking of buying a gift for an animator but you're a little stumped as to what might be appropriate, take a look at these ideas for gifts for the holiday season (or any season when you're in the mood for giving).

Graphic Design @ About.com
This About.com Guide Site maintained by Judy Litt is a comprehensive look into the world of graphic design.

Graphics Software @ About.com
Whether you're looking for the best software to create textured bitmaps for your 3D renders or you're interested in getting into CG art and tablet-drawing, About.com Sue Chastain has the information you're looking for.

Playstation Games @ About.com
Guide Roger Altizer's got what's in and out, what's hot and not, on the latest in games for the Playstation consoles.

Xbox Games @ About.com
Looking to get into the Xbox? Guide Eric Qualls has the answers.

Web Design @ About.com
Interested in web design? Take a look at Jennifer Kyrnin's Guide Site on Web Design and HTML.

Book Review: Sparky - The Life and Art of Charles Schulz
In Sparky - The Life and Art of Charles Schulz, author Beverly Gherman gives the artist himself a chance to touch readers with his life and his humor, long after he's passed on.

What Are You Getting Your Animator For The Holidays?
What are you buying for the animator on your holiday gift list? Animation-related gifts, or something else?

Animation Tip: Roughs vs. Finished Art
One basic mistake novice animators often make is to try to work with complete artwork from the very first sketch.

Share Your Stories: What Inspired You To Become An Animator?
For some of us there's a pivotal turning point in our careers, a moment of inspiration or choice that changes our lives and directs our paths. For many of us it was that moment that pushed us to become animators, whether we've achieved our goal or are still on that path. What was that moment for you? What inspired you to become an animator?

What To Do When It Just Won't Work: Solving Problems With Your Animations
Sometimes we get so frustrated trying to solve problems with our animations that we lose the ability to step back and think rationally. That's when we need to stop and take a methodical approach to problem-solving. What's your approach?

What Inspired You To Animate?
What led you down the road to animation?

Avoiding the Uncanny Valley: How to Keep Your Animation from Creeping People Out
We've all seen The Polar Express - or if we haven't, we're grateful that we didn't. So what is it about 3d animated films that makes hyper-realism work in some cases, and fail in others? The answer is the Uncanny Valley.

How Do Your Experiences As an Animator Define You?
It's no mistake that what we choose to do with our lives can often shape us as people, and not just as professionals. Being an animator is no different - and many of us take lessons away from our animation work that bring value to our private lives, as well.

Alternatives To Using A Light Desk
Can't afford a light desk but still need to backlight your animation frames? There are alternatives to a costly full-sized desk, from buying a light table to making your own.

Light Desk Alternatives
If you don't have a light desk or light table, what's your workaround for 2D animation?

Are Animation Frames Really Hand-Painted?
Animations can involve anywhere from 15 to 30 frames per second. For traditional animation, that means 15 to 30 drawings per second. Are each of those really painted by hand?

Top Five Animation Myths
Have a few ideas about animation and the basics of the industry? You may be surprised to find out they're wrong.

What Animation Myths Do You Hate?
There are more myths about the animation industry than I can count. Which ones would you like to see dispelled?

2D Animation Tricks for a Distinctive Style
Truly unforgettable animations break the mold for character design, art style, and animation methods. Looking to make your animations more distinctive? Try these tips as a jumping-off point for experimentation.

Seven Ways To Tank Your Animation
Wondering why no one's stalking your YouTube account waiting for your next animated masterpiece? Maybe you made these mistakes.

What Are Structural Lines and Center Lines?
Drawing for animation requires a keen understanding of perspective and character motion, including how bodies balance on various planes of motion. Center lines and structural lines can help maintain accurate character proportions and help guide your animations in maintaining fluid, balanced motion.

What's The Difference Between Japanese and American Animation?
Most people can tell the difference between Japanese and American animation on sight, but they can't quite say why. Here's a breakdown of the differences in style that help pinpoint those differences.

What is Kinetic Typography?

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